Carbone Auto Group’s Winning Formula: Blending Tradition with Technology to grow sales by four thousand units

At the Carbone Auto Group, located in New York State, family is as important today as it was 85 years ago, and it will be for generations to come. Alex Carbone, director of variable operations for the group, and the third generation in the family business, treats his team — both his relatives and coworkers — like family. “I don’t ask anybody to do something that I wouldn’t do myself,” he said. “We jump in and help them to succeed. They will give 100 percent because they see us doing it next to them.”

Working as a team: Toyota of Tri-Cities has increased volume by 30%

Founded in 1997, Toyota of Tri-Cities is one of three stores operating under the Summit Auto Group Holding. Located in Kennewick, Washington, the dealership’s location can be an advantage — the nearest competing Toyota store is more than 30 miles away. They provide a full-service facility six days a week so they can manage every customer’s needs, and have built a loyal following in the past two decades. The dealership’s leaders, however, knew that there was more that could be done to build for the future.