Lee’s Summit Subaru Boosts Sales by 21% with Apollo

With enhanced data insights, the Lee’s Summit team has the tools to effectively communicate with their client base, resulting in performance improvements across the board.

Smith Ford Increases Website Users by 58% with Personalization through Platform Solution

The Apollo® Customer Experience Platform (CXP) from Team Velocity has empowered Smith Ford to seamlessly transform their customer experience.

Bonnell Ford Grows Used Car Sales by 18% with Platform Solution

Bonnell Ford transitioned to Team Velocity’s Platform Solution program for enhanced customer experiences across a fully-integrated platform.

Chalmers Ford Uses Platform Solution to Increase Sales by 92%

Chalmers Ford leverages their partnership with Team Velocity to give their customers personalized experiences throughout the shopping journey.

Blue Springs Ford Increases Website Traffic by 17% with Platform Solution

Blue Springs Ford is revolutionizing their marketing through Team Velocity’s comprehensive Platform Solution program.

Nashua Mitsubishi Boosts Leads by 178% with Apollo

Leveraging the Apollo® Customer Experience Platform, Nashua Mitsubishi has reinvented their website, advertising, and retention strategies.

Kia of Columbia Grows Leads by 23% with Apollo

Kia of Columbia leverages the Apollo® Customer Experience platform for an integrated marketing strategy, forging a seamlessly connected experience across their website, digital advertising, and retention strategies.

Paragon Honda Becomes #1 Honda Dealer Worldwide with Apollo

As a long-time industry leader, Paragon uses the Apollo® Customer Experience Platform to take a technology-first approach at their Honda and Acura stores.

Capitol Toyota Earns 13:1 ROI with Integrated Marketing

Capitol Toyota has effectively leveraged the full Apollo® Customer Experience Platform (CXP) for an integrated marketing strategy through a single vendor.

Jim Curley Buick GMC Sees 102% Transaction Rate with Apollo

Jim Curley Buick GMC leverages the Apollo® Customer Experience Platform to effectively manage their sales and service retention and advertising strategies.