Team Velocity Unveils Highly Anticipated Website Platform, Apollo Sites

Team Velocity® is proud to announce the release of its powerful new website platform, Apollo Sites. Fueled by the Apollo Technology Platform®, Apollo Sites is the first website to fully integrate with dealer DMS systems to deliver an unparalleled, personalized customer experience online.

Team Velocity first debuted Apollo Sites at NADA with the launch of longtime client Paragon Honda’s website,

“I wanted to have a website that would be unique to Paragon’s customers to give them a more personalized experience, and Team Velocity got it right. For the first time ever, our website is sitting on top of our DMS, making use of the first-party data to serve our customers better. It’s taking the friction out of scheduling service and car buying because it’s easier than ever for our customers to transact. It’s like we gave our customers each an Amazon Prime account for their car, and they love it,” says Brian Benstock, VP and General Manager of Paragon Honda and Paragon Acura.

Thanks to companies like Amazon and Netflix, consumers are demanding highly personalized online shopping experiences. However, automotive websites have been slow to adapt to meet the customer’s expectations.

“Personalization is no longer a ‘nice-to-have,’ it’s a must-have. Amazon’s model works because Amazon knows its customers,” says David Boice, CEO of Team Velocity®. “Dealers need to look at their website the same way. Customers don’t want to go through the hassle of filling out a form to schedule a service appointment because they expect you to already have all their information. If they are shopping for a new car, they expect to easily find out what upgrade options they have and what their payment would be. The data is there, it just hasn’t been used in automotive websites until now.”

Apollo Sites harnesses the data goldmines within the dealer’s DMS to provide every customer a unique, personalized, Amazon Prime-like experience. In addition to a public-facing website, Apollo Sites creates a personal website for every customer, dynamically customized to their unique information, including vehicle history, equity position, and shopping activity. Apollo Sites even generates personalized upgrade offers, recommended vehicles, service coupons, and recall notices, all based on unique customer data. These progressive sites also include interactive features like texting and service scheduling, and in the very near future, will offer the ability to complete the entire vehicle purchase process online.

“Throughout the past two decades, dealers have been plagued by ‘Mission Improbable’ – the impossible task of creating a seamless, personalized, omni-channel customer experience across every marketing channel – due to the numerous vendors and technologies on the market that simply do not integrate,” says Boice. “The vast majority of all consumers visit a dealership’s website before they purchase or lease a vehicle but are immediately put off by the huge discrepancies between the offers they receive via mail, email, or even what they see on Google, and what they see on the dealership’s website. Apollo® was designed to solve these integration challenges and make it easier for the dealer to provide the best consumer experience possible. The evolution of Apollo to include websites has brought that vision full-circle.”

Apollo Sites unlocks the unbridled power of true performance, personalization, and integration. Paired with other products like Apollo Ads, Video, Email, Mail, and Text, Team Velocity now offers a one-of-a-kind, fully integrated solution for customer retention, advertising, websites, and retailing.

Recently, OEMs – most specifically, Mitsubishi – have overhauled their current website and digital marketing programs to focus on the power of consistency through integration. In a recent interview with Automotive News, David Baum, Jr., General Manager of Lewisville Autoplex, discussed his store’s success with Apollo Sites, noting the unique ability to track customer activity and interaction on his website in real time, allowing his team to tailor their engagement with the customer to drive a service visit or sale.*

“In the past, I always had service coupons on my website, but I can think of only a handful that were ever presented. With digital coupons pushed to customers through their accounts and through email, just last month, we had 286 coupons redeemed from service customers,” David Baum, Jr., General Manager of Lewisville Autoplex.

Apollo is the only integrated platform that makes, manages, and measures all your automotive marketing. With its unique offer management system, dealers can price out all vehicles on lease, buy, and finance options daily and deliver those offers across all mediums. This includes websites, email, mail, search, video, social, and more.

“We are so excited and grateful for the abundance of momentum we are having with dealers and OEMs who are signing up and endorsing our platform. It is proof positive that our industry understands the demands of the customer and is rapidly moving forward with companies like ours who are helping to fulfill that frictionless and personalized customer experience,” says Justin Byrd, President of Team Velocity.

Original Source: PR Newswire

Mitsubishi Offers Dealers Choice of New Digital Tools

Mitsubishi Motors isn’t like other mainstream automakers in the U.S. — it’s smaller. With sales of just over 121,000 vehicles last year across about 350 stores, resources are tighter at headquarters and on dealership lots compared with bigger rivals such as Toyota.

But Mitsubishi has big plans as it adds franchises every month, revamps its facilities program and works with alliance partner Nissan on new generations of its crossovers.

A critical part of rebuilding the brand is the new “Small Batch” marketing initiative designed to reach customers through digital-first advertising. And now, Mitsubishi is making it easier for dealers to access modern ad tools in their local markets and bring that more-for-less approach to chasing after customers online.

The Mi Digital Solutions program, or MiDS for short, was launched in November and allows dealers to choose from five curated providers offering prenegotiated rates and 100 percent reimbursement through Mitsubishi’s co-op ad program.

The goal is to strip away some of the vendor clutter and allow dealers to join the cutting edge of digital retailing in an affordable and manageable way.

“Prior to this program launching, we were really only focused on what I would call the traditional elements of the Tier 3 program, which are leads and websites. So, it was pretty basic,” Kimberley Gardiner, chief marketing officer for Mitsubishi Motors North America, told Automotive News.

Gardiner took over as Mitsubishi’s CMO in January of last year after high-level marketing jobs at Kia Motors America and Toyota Motor Sales USA. She rolled out the initial Small Batch campaign for the brand nationally in June, starting with digital ads before expanding to video and broadcast. That same challenger spirit led to the development of the MiDS program at the local level.

Retailers now have Mitsubishi-supported providers offering website management, digital chat, text, data mining, lead generation and other services that are tied together rather than spreading them out across multiple vendors, sometimes with little accountability.

“We really wanted to help our dealers take their digital marketing and digital programming to the next level and couple that with Small Batch thinking, which is: You can be a small organization or a small dealer, but the things we can do can have a big impact,” Gardiner said. “They realize they want to make a change but don’t know where to begin.”

Early Returns

Early results are positive. About two-thirds of the brand’s U.S. dealers have signed up, page views at dealer websites are up by 30 percent, and the conversion rate on digital advertising has risen from 0.9 percent to 1.5 percent. That latter number looks small but marks significant progress, Gardiner said.

Providers in the new program offer a variety of options — such as “good, better, best” tiers — which makes it work for smaller retailers. It’s relatively affordable for the industry, and easy to pay for through co-op dollars, Gardiner said.

The solutions are also tailored for Mitsubishi stores rather than just copying other automakers’ programs. The Mitsubishi National Advisory Board helped shape the program.

“Especially with a challenger brand like ours, we need to really work hard on consistency,” Gardiner said. “At any moment in time, a consumer can have a really great experience or have a less than great experience that could really make or break as to whether they would even consider our brand.”

Gardiner’s team vetted multiple providers and negotiated rates directly, so dealers don’t have to. Mitsubishi chose, Dealer eProcess, Dealer Inspire, DealerOn and Team Velocity to start. Gardiner said additional vendors could be added as needed.

One satisfied subscriber to the Mitsubishi program is David Baum Jr., general manager of Lewisville Autoplex near Dallas. Baum added a provider for his Mitsubishi store — Team Velocity — that has brought several new tools for consumer engagement.

Baum and his team can now see users interacting with the website in real time, and tailor engagement to drive a service visit or a vehicle sale. Customers are given individual accounts and can receive digital coupons they can load onto their smartphones.

“In the past, I always had service coupons on my website,” Baum said. “But I can think of only a handful that were ever presented.” With digital coupons pushed to customers through their accounts and through email, “just last month, we had 286 coupons redeemed from service customers, and those were all Mitsubishis.”

Having Team Velocity within the MiDS program made it easier for Baum to pull the trigger on more digital engagement. Part of the reason is the packaging of several services handled by one vendor, and payment through the Mitsubishi co-op program.

‘Point and click’

“I’m always being pitched from different digital marketing companies, but the pricing is always through the roof, so we don’t even consider it,” he said. With his new Team Velocity account through Mitsubishi, “it’s point and click, and they’re paid and we’re done.”

One of Gardiner’s goals as marketing head is to align advertising with media use by consumers, meaning that as people spend more time online, retailers should shift their mix. Digital also allows for visibility on what’s working and what isn’t by tracking engagement.

Toward that end, Mitsubishi added digital consultants for the first time as part of the MiDS program.

They interact directly with dealers, giving them a digital assessment and action plan on how best to use limited advertising dollars and troubleshoot problems.

“I think you’ll see more stories about efficiency, more stories about better meeting customer expectations, and certainly with those things will come more interest in terms of sales,” Gardiner said.

Original Source: Automotive News

Marketing Exec Says Dealers are Missing a Golden Opportunity

David Boice, CEO of marketing firm Team Velocity, says dealers are failing to tap a potentially rich source of business — and it’s right at their fingertips.

“A dealership is sitting on a gold mine of data,” Boice says. Speaking last month at a Shift conference in Las Vegas, he said customers already in the database don’t want to be treated like new leads when they visit dealerships’ websites. Instead, he says, they should be able to log in, just as they do on Amazon.

In an interview with reporter Sarah Kominek, Boice said dealerships’ returning customers should have online experiences that are relevant to their personal details and the cars they’re driving. Here are edited excerpts.


Q: Why do you think dealerships should use customers’ data to serve them online?

A: There are probably at least 50 very relevant pieces of data on you and your car that the dealership you do business with already knows. Every other company you do business with, you have a relationship with them online. They all know a massive amount about you because you are already their customer. Therefore, they treat you differently and personally online.


Q: What data do most dealerships have that they aren’t using?

A: These are very common data points that every franchised dealership has securely stored in their accounting systems: The customer’s name, address, phone number and email. Their vehicle’s year, make, model, trim, VIN and estimated mileage. Its service history, any recalls, services due, last service and recommended services. The customer’s sales info — the payment type, down payment, term, payoff, trade value, equity, likely upgrade options, next service visit, preferences and their shopping history. These data points are easily accessible to create a personal online experience for their customers.


Q: How should dealerships use this data when a customer goes to the website?

A: People want personalized service coupons that need to be specific to the car they’re driving. People really like to know their service history: Does the dealership have all the services that have been performed on record and are they accurate? People also expect you to give them a warning if their vehicle just went under recall. Without filling out any forms, they want to be able to schedule service and incorporate the coupons they’re entitled to. You know my name, you know my car and its VIN. I’m not going to fill out a form with the 14 pieces of information you normally ask me for, because I’ve signed in and I expect you to make scheduling a service appointment easy.


Q: What would the experience be like for a returning customer looking to purchase or lease another vehicle?

A: Now the customer has pretty high expectations because they have an expiration date. They’re going to ask, What upgrade options do I have? What would my payment be? What are the rebates and incentives that are currently available on the vehicle models I’m interested in buying? When you give a customer a personalized experience, people are naturally more comfortable because the service makes it easier for them to do what they need to do. What is best for the dealer’s customer is also best for the dealership. You have a five times’ greater chance of them completing the task if you treat customers with some relevancy, in a private and secure way.




Team Velocity Announces New Partnership with Audi North America

Team Velocity Named on Inc. 5000’s Prestigious 2019 Fastest-Growing Companies List

Team Velocity makes its 6th consecutive debut for its record-high revenue and employee growth from 2015 to 2019

WASHINGTON, DC – August 22nd, 2019 – Team Velocity, known for its ground-breaking technology platform, Apollo®, was recognized for the 6th consecutive year as one of Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing private companies in America. The Inc. 5000 list honors the most successful and inspiring independent and midsized businesses across the nation based on revenue growth from 2015 to 2018. This prestigious list includes well-known companies such as Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook, Timberland, Oracle, and more.



Team Velocity was co-founded by David Boice and Budd Blackburn in 2005. Since then, Team Velocity has taken the automotive industry by storm with its revolutionary omni-channel automated marketing technology, products backed by artificial intelligence, and aptitude for innovation and success. Team Velocity has reached its all-time record high – more than 54 percent – in revenue and growth.

Recognition on the Inc. 5000 list has become the hallmark of entrepreneurial success for privately-held companies in the United States for the last 38 years. To qualify, companies must generate at least $100,000 in revenue by 2015 and $2 million in revenue by 2018. This year, Inc. 5000’s honorees aggregated a total revenue of $237.7 billion― surpassing last year’s record high of $206 billion. All together these companies amassed more than 1,216,308 jobs in a three-year time span, increasing the three-year growth rate to approximately 454 percent.

This year’s Inc. 5000 Conference and Gala will be held October 10 -through October 12 in Scottsdale, Arizona. The event brings together all honorees and alumni to recognize their achievements, entrepreneurial success, and contributions to the economy.

“Words can’t describe how honored we are to make the Inc. 5000 list for the sixth consecutive year. We only hope to continue to strive and grow for not only our employees but our clients.” – David Boice, Owner and Co-Founder of Team Velocity

“It all boils down to the people. Without the continuous support of our employees and phenomenal clients, this success would not be achievable. We are forever thankful.” – Budd Blackburn, Owner, and Co-Founder


To learn more about Inc. 5000, its review process and the complete list of recipients’, visit:

Team Velocity Raises the Bar on Lead Generation with Enhancement to New Texting Platform, Apollo Text.

Team Velocity Awarded AWA Awards at NADA; Releases ApolloGo Mobile App

Team Velocity’s sophisticated technology platform, Apollo®, and ApolloGo mobile app take the industry by storm at NADA.

WASHINGTON, February 4th, 2019 – The 10th Annual AWA Awards presented by PCG Companies awarded Team Velocity with the Digital Marketing Innovation Leader and Rising Star Awards at NADA 2019. These awards recognize companies for their marketing technology that help dealers effectively buy, sell and service more cars. Team Velocity was recognized as an Innovation Leader for its marketing automation platform, Apollo, and its new digital retailing product, Transact.

“Our team is extremely honored to receive not only one, but two awards this year at NADA. We look forward to continuing to build technology that helps position our dealers in the market,” says Joe High, Senior Vice President at Team Velocity.

Team Velocity Awarded AWA Awards at NADA

Team Velocity was recognized for their revolutionary technology platform, Apollo. Apollo aids both dealerships and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with technology that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and marketing automation to deliver hyper-personalized campaigns across a number of marketing channels. Apollo has been proven to increase results by as much as 250%.

While Apollo is comprised of many features and capabilities that enhance dealers’ profits and visibility, it’s Apollo’s comprehensive digital marketing product suite that took home the Innovation Leader award this year at NADA.

Apollo’s intelligent digital advertising platform is 100% automated to create, deploy and update data-rich ads across every digital medium, including Paid Search, Remarketing, Display Advertising, Social Media and Video Pre-Roll. This exclusive technology provides dealers with unlimited VIN-based ads for both new and pre-owned inventory and ensures consistent messaging and creative across all digital touchpoints.

“It is impossible to run successful digital marketing without artificial intelligence,” says Brian Pasch, CEO of PCG Companies and the AWA Awards.

Of Team Velocity’s recent digital product releases, one product in particular stands out amongst the rest: Advid™. Within a matter of minutes, Advid builds dynamic, payment-based video ads for every make and model the dealership sells, and automatically delivers these videos to YouTube. Every video is automatically updated nightly as inventory, incentives and pricing change.

Amongst Team Velocity’s newest achievements, is the public release of the ApolloGo Mobile App. The transformed Apollo desktop platform allows dealers to work leads on the go, from anywhere, at any time, all from the palm of their hands.

ApolloGo contains all the notable features included in Apollo but enables users to track all opportunities, communicate with customers directly via text and receive Hot Opportunity Alerts straight to their phone.

To learn more about ApolloGo or download the app, visit:

About Team Velocity:

Team Velocity™ is revolutionizing the automotive industry with cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to help dealers sell and service more cars. Made by dealers, for dealers, Team Velocity’s proprietary technology platform Apollo® analyzes years of sales and service data to predict who will buy, what they will buy, and when they are ready to service. Apollo’s sophisticated AI automates the entire communication and marketing process by delivering hyper-personalized campaigns across every touchpoint, maximizing ROI and lifetime revenue.

For more information, visit

More about the AWA Awards:

Since 2008, AWA has become a benchmark in the automotive industry for outlining and reviewing technology that enables dealerships and OEMs to aid their revenue with cutting-edge technology in digital marketing, design, management tools and social media. The qualified experts at PCG conduct thorough reviews and research the best products for car dealers to optimize their investment and deliver the best customer experience.

For more information about PCG and the AWA Award, visit:

Team Velocity Now Participating in the General Motors Dealer Digital Solution Digital Advertising Program

Team Velocity is now participating in Enhanced Digital Advertising and In-Market Retail.

We are proud to announce that Team Velocity has completed all requirements to participate in the Digital Advertising Program under the GM Dealer Digital Solution.

This allows Dealers the opportunity to leverage in-Market Retail (iMR) funds to reimburse themselves for the cost of their Digital Advertising services.  Please refer to the iMR Dealer Program guidelines located at for further information.

Providers who are participating in the Digital Advertising Program provide advertising solutions that include:

  • Improved efficiency, coordinated spend and strategy across all tiers of advertising
  • Participation commitment for:
    • Streamlined packages each offering full service solutions for sales and fixed ops
    • A single, managed monthly fee with cap
    • Performance accountability
    • Day 1 Go-to-Market readiness
    • Strategic and tactical advertising coordination with brands and LMAs
  • Dashboard for visibility into performance

If you have any questions about the benefits of Digital Advertising Program, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support Team at 703-783-9759 or via email at for further details.