Success Story: Audi Coral Springs & Audi Ft. Lauderdale

Sales Up 14%

Discover How Audi Coral Springs and Audi Ft Lauderdale Did It

The Qvale Automotive Group is one of the major players in the automotive industry, and one of the reasons for their success has been steady, measured growth. Already having a large presence in California, the group expanded to Florida in 2010 and opened Audi Coral Springs. The company selected Glenn Grosso, who worked his way up from sales in the 1980s into the General Manager position, to lead that store. Thanks to his experience in executive roles, Audi Coral Springs has become one of the largest Audi dealerships in the United States in terms of new car volume, with close to 1,700 sales in 2016, placing them 14th in the nation.