Nashua Mitsubishi Boosts Leads by 178% with Apollo

Since launching Apollo, the Nashua Mitsubishi team has seen notable growth in key areas, including improved website performance and increased lead generation.

Kia of Columbia Grows Leads by 23% with Apollo

Kia of Columbia leverages Team Velocity’s Apollo® Customer Experience platform for an integrated marketing strategy, forging
a seamlessly connected experience across their website, digital advertising, and retention strategies.

Capitol Toyota Earns 13:1 ROI with Integrated Marketing

Capitol Toyota has effectively leveraged our full Apollo Customer Experience Platform (CXP) for an integrated marketing strategy through a single vendor.

Paragon Honda Becomes #1 Honda Dealer Worldwide with Apollo

As a long-time industry leader, Paragon uses Team Velocity’s Apollo Customer Experience Platform to take a technology-first approach at their Honda and Acura stores.

Lia Volkswagen of Enfield Improves Leads by 288% with Apollo

Lia Volkswagen of Enfield increased their sales 54% with Team Velocity’s future-forward Apollo Customer Experience Platform.

Coral Springs Kia Grows Sales by 19% with Apollo CXP

Executing their marketing through Team Velocity’s Apollo Customer Experience Platform, Coral Springs Kia integrates their website, advertising, and retention strategies for a seamless customer experience at all stages of the purchasing journey.

Westshore Mazda Improves Sales by 29% with Apollo CXP

Since making the switch to Team Velocity and the Apollo Customer Experience Platform in May 2023, Westshore Mazda has seen a notable lift in performance and productivity.

Taylor Ford Sees 450% Increase in Transactions with Platform Solution

Since implementing Platform Solution at the start of the year, Taylor Ford has seen a notable increase in performanceacross the board, leading to their highest sales month since September 2021.

Sanderson Ford Grows Transactions by 49% with Platform Solution

As part of the Platform Solution program, Sanderson Ford integrates their website, advertising, and retention strategies through Team Velocity’s Apollo Customer Experience Platform.

Corwin Ford Boosts Website Activity with Platform Solution

Through the FordDirect Platform Solution Program, Corwin Ford has utilized Team Velocity’s Apollo platform as a fully
integrated retailing solution for their dealership.