Team Velocity Raises the Bar on Lead Generation with Enhancement to New Texting Platform, Apollo Text.

Anonymous shoppers are instantly identified through Apollo’s new text-enabled marketing services.

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 29th, 2019 – Team Velocity, known for its industry-leading technology platform Apollo®, is excited to announce an all-new capability within its ApolloGo® mobile app: Apollo Text. This powerful new feature offers an unmatched advantage in the automotive retail industry by enabling dealers to communicate directly with prospective consumers through text – the number one preferred method of communication.

Communication has drastically changed over the last decade. While email open rates in today’s automotive industry yield in the 20th percentile, text message open rates reach almost 100 percent. Due to these advances, today’s consumers expect speed and relevancy when shopping for a new or used vehicle.

To meet these expectations, Team Velocity combined its revolutionary technology platform, Apollo, with the preferred communication method of its consumers, creating a mobile app that allows effortless interactions between dealers and customers through text.

Through Apollo Text, all marketing initiatives are now text-enabled, making it faster and easier for your consumers to communicate directly with the appropriate department. The best part? Apollo Text instantly cross-references their phone number to your sales and service transactions, allowing your sales team to review all important information with a simple click. This information includes but not limited to:

  • Name
  • Vehicle History
  • Equity Position
  • Trade Value
  • Service History
  • Shopping Behavior and More

ApolloText even includes a pre-populated response based on previous dialogues and conversations held within Apollo. With text-enable marketing, all incoming texts can be attributed back to the corresponding marketing channel.

The ApolloGo Mobile App is an extension of Team Velocity’s one-of-a-kind technology platform, Apollo, which aids both dealerships and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with technology that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and marketing automation in order to deliver hyper-personalized campaigns across multiple marketing channels.

Apollo’s AI intuitively generates dynamic, offer-based campaigns through omni-channels, including search, display, social, pre-roll, email, text, direct mail, personal websites, and landing pages. It eliminates the need for multiple platforms by combining everything into one easy-to-use, automated platform that reaches each dealership’s Perfect Prospects® with a consistent message across all marketing channels. It is also the only platform that runs automatically 24/7 and produces hyper-personalized, payment-based ads on real inventory.

ApolloGo contains all the prominent features included in Apollo but also enables users to track all opportunities, communicate with customers directly via text, and receive Hot Opportunity Alerts — all from the palm of their hands.  This app allows dealership’s and OEMs the ability to work leads on-the-go, anywhere, at any time.

With the addition of Apollo Text, dealers can enjoy the ease of assigning texts to the correct department all while increasing their current response rate by over 209 percent.

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About Team Velocity:

Team Velocity® is revolutionizing the automotive industry with cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to help dealers sell and service more cars. Made by dealers, for dealers, Team Velocity’s proprietary technology platform Apollo® analyzes years of sales and service data to predict who will buy, what they will buy, and when they are ready to serve. Apollo’s sophisticated AI automates the entire communication and marketing process by delivering hyper-personalized campaigns across every touchpoint, maximizing ROI and lifetime revenue.

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