Team Velocity named a finalist by Google for Video Advertising Innovation Award

Team Velocity named a finalist by Google for Video Advertising Innovation Award

Team Velocity named a finalist by Google for Video Advertising Innovation Award

Team Velocity, a marketing technology company based outside of Washington, D.C., has been named a Video Innovation finalist in this year’s Premier Partner Awards, presented by Google Partners.

Google’s Premier Partner Awards honor innovation in digital marketing across Search, Mobile, Video, Display, Shopping, and Growing Businesses Online. Team Velocity was named a finalist in Video Innovation for its latest product, Advid™, an automated video advertising solution that creates automotive model-specific, payment-based videos that are updated on YouTube nightly.

Team Velocity offers a comprehensive digital marketing solution backed by its technology platform, Apollo®. Designed to support the automotive retail industry, Apollo creates and delivers dynamic, automated, omni-channel marketing campaigns to in-market audiences based on behavior prediction analytics. Working hand-in-hand with Apollo’s intelligent offer management system, Advid creates hundreds of dynamic, high-quality video pre-roll ads in minutes and uploads those ads to YouTube automatically every night.

Team Velocity’s award submission included a case study on its long-term client Paragon Honda, describing the impactful results Advid delivered for the dealership. “Marketing today is all about relevance to the customer and attributing advertising spend to revenue. Video is the fastest-growing consumer medium, but traditional television advertising costs a fortune, offers little targeting and zero attribution. Google explained how video advertising on YouTube can better target in-market audiences and be attributed to store visits. We knew we wanted to shift some of our marketing budget away from traditional advertising efforts and into YouTube’s TruView platform. We put Team Velocity up to the challenge knowing the power of their technology. The results were incredible,” says Brian Benstock, Paragon’s Vice President and General Manager.

With Apollo, Team Velocity had the ability to target in-market audiences with relevant ads and provide attribution reporting on search and display, but video offered a unique set of challenges. For video ads to be relevant to the customer’s shopping history, advertisers would need a video for every model, which would be costly and time consuming to produce. The ads would also need to include the actual payments to provide the customer what they really want to know. However, offers and payments change frequently and need to meet state and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) compliance regulations. On top of all of this, YouTube lacks an API, meaning every video would need to be manually uploaded, creating the biggest challenge of all.

Costs aside, it was clear that attempting this process manually would be impossible to scale. Team Velocity would need technology to automate the process. Thus, Advid was born.

“With Advid, we have created a scalable video advertising solution. For every model of every brand, Advid creates a unique video and uploads those videos to YouTube every night despite the lack of an API. The ads include vehicle payments, factor in OEM and dealer incentives, meet compliance requirements and have the same message and offer seen on search, display, mail and email campaigns, which Apollo creates for every vehicle,” says David Boice, Co-Founder and CEO of Team Velocity.

Paragon Honda was the first dealership to pilot Advid. With just 20 percent of its budget allocated to video advertising, Paragon saw 47 percent of its store visits attributed to video.

“Our creative and development teams created something truly innovative. The automation of creating thousands of video ads on a nightly basis that include the dynamic details a consumer actually cares about is amazing. Our teams’ recognition is well deserved.” explains Joe High, Senior Vice President of Team Velocity.

Team Velocity is part of a select group of digital specialists that Google celebrates as Premier Partners. To qualify as a Premier Partner, digital marketing agencies and professionals must pass a series of exams, and prove their expertise in using and applying Google’s advertising products.

Premier Partner Awards 2018 winners are scheduled to be announced in October at

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Team Velocity™ is revolutionizing the automotive industry with cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to help dealers sell and service more cars. Made by dealers, for dealers, Team Velocity’s proprietary technology platform Apollo® analyzes years of sales and service data to predict who will buy, what they will buy, and when they are ready to service. Apollo’s sophisticated AI automates the entire communication and marketing process by delivering hyper-personalized campaigns across every touchpoint, maximizing ROI and lifetime revenue.

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