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AutoSuccess: Going Virtual

Bringing the Dealership Experience Online in the Wake of the Coronavirus Outbreak Most of American life has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. With many states issuing stay-at-home recommendations or outright lockdown restrictions, it’s clear that daily business will not go on as usual in the near future. Yet for all the unprecedented issues the […]

Mission Improbable: A Game of Technology Tag

We live in a world of marketing silos where dealerships are forced to play the game of technology tag. The most successful retailers like Tesla, Carvana, Amazon Prime have figured out a solution, and it’s the key to a frictonless customer journey.

AutoSuccess: The Top 10 Companies to Watch in 2020

Team Velocity is an automotive agency with artificial intelligence technology that is revolutionizing the industry — and how dealers sell and service cars. Their proprietary technology platform, Apollo, is made by dealers for dealers. It analyzes sales and service data to predict who will buy, what they will buy and when they are ready to […]

Audi Fort Washington experiences surge in all major profit centers YOY

Team Velocity, a full-service automotive technology provider, has once again upped its advertising in order to significantly improve clients’ campaigns. Although a relatively new client having just joined in August 2019, Audi Fort Washington has already increased its year-over-year (YOY) growth in all major profit centers. They are experiencing a two-year high in new car […]

Digital Retailing or Digital Roadblocking?

  Digital retailing continues to be one of the hottest topics in our industry, but almost everyone I talk to has a different explanation for what they consider digital retailing to be. So, on a recent cross-country flight, I Googled What is digital retailing? I thought the following definition was most logical: Digital Retailing, at […]

Digital campaigns that click with your consumers

Enhance your digital performance with Apollo Digital! Fueled by Apollo®, our digital products provide an unmatched advantage. Month after month, our automated, payment-based search ads and video ads continue to produce 2x the results for half the cost. Learn how your dealership can boost performance and conversion across every digital touchpoint today.

Mission Improbable 2.0

  As I have both previously said and written, it is improbable that most dealers can truly be successful with so many different companies and technology platforms being utilized to operate their businesses. Most dealerships are up to 10-15 different ad/technology companies even before you start counting all their 3rd-party widgets/plug-ins. How can any business […]