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Microsoft Advertising Channel Partner of the Year

Team Velocity® Awarded Microsoft Advertising Channel Partner of the Year WASHINGTON D.C., February 16th, 2022 – Team Velocity. Microsoft Advertising has awarded customer experience marketing leader, Team Velocity, Channel Partner of the Year for outstanding performance in digital advertising. Working closely with Microsoft Advertising over the last 24 months, Team Velocity achieved a 40% increase […]

AutoSuccess: The Future of Integration

Connecting the Dots for a Better Customer Experience See how dealers across the nation are unlocking the power of true performance, personalization and integration with customer experience solutions. Today’s automotive ecosystem is being reshaped by seamless integration, digital adoption, technological advancements and empowered consumers. Thanks to companies like Amazon and Netflix, consumers no longer strive […]

AutoSuccess: The Sky is Not the Limit

The Sky is Not the Limit New Technology Changes the Future of the Customer Experience Thanks to companies like Amazon and Netflix, consumers are demanding highly personalized online shopping experiences. Automotive websites have been slow to adapt to meet these new customer expectations — until now. Spurred by necessity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, dealerships […]

Mission Improbable: 2021

Imagine this…A customer walks into a dealership and is treated exactly like they are routinely treated online. They would meet a bunch of people, and it would go something like this…

“I want to be just like (insert Dealer name).”

Each week, a growing number of new or prospective clients ask us to provide, “whatever (insert dealer name) is doing that is working so well.” The belief being, if they work with the same company and use the same technology, the results will also be the same. Maybe, maybe not.

AutoSuccess: Going Virtual

Bringing the Dealership Experience Online in the Wake of the Coronavirus Outbreak Most of American life has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. With many states issuing stay-at-home recommendations or outright lockdown restrictions, it’s clear that daily business will not go on as usual in the near future. Yet for all the unprecedented issues the […]